1. The students of the school are urged to follow the following guidelines both inside and outside school.
  2. Inculcate high moral values of life such as truth, honesty and devotion to duty.
  3. Make the best use of your time and use it in creative and constructive activities for your own betterment and also for nation.
  4. Be punctual in attending classes, functions and other activities.
  5. Always wear your Identity card and produce it on demand by any official of the school.
  6. Adopt regularity in life.
  7. Exhibit fine manners, excellent behavior, use decent language and be courteous and polite in your dealing with people.
  8. Observe proper decorum in and outside classrooms and at the functions organized in the school.
  9. Keep your environment neat, clean and beautiful in the school campus.
  10. Always show respect to teachers and elders and carry out their instructions faithfully.
  11. Shift from one classroom to another in an orderly manner.
  12. Maintain perfect silence in the classroom, library, corridors and verandas in the school.
  13. Utilize vacant period in reading books, magazines and newspapers available in the school.
  14. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are banned.
  15. Always form a queue to visit Principal office, Account office and library.
  16. Quarrels and disputes should be avoided. No one is allowed to take law in his/her hands.
  17. Do not disfigure furniture or deface walls with pencil/pen or any other thing. Damage to school property shall not be condoned under any circumstances.
  18. Do not bring mobile phone and other electronic gadgets inside the school campus which is an offence and punishable as per rules and regulations of BCSSS. Moreover, the aforesaid gadgets may be permanently confiscated or broken by the school authorities and a strict disciplinary action may be taken against me.
  19. Do not wear Kurta Pajama in the school campus.
  20. Do not wear big metallic bracelets on hand and chains in the neck which is punishable under rules and regulations and shall be confiscated/broken by school authorities permanently.
  21. Do not involve myself in political activities inside school campus like Pradhan (President) elections etc. If I found involved in such activities, the school authorities have full right to take strict disciplinary action against this, including rustication with immediate effect.